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About our company
We are a color PrePress firm in Lenexa, Kansas (in the suburbs of Kansas City), specializing in high-quality process and spot-color file production for the printing industry. Our customers are primarily advertising agencies and design studios, as well as firms that have their own in-house advertising department. While our primary end product began as stripped litho film, the digital age advances, and today we have morphed into a totally computer-based group. In addition, we are routinely being called on to assist the customer in "repurposing" the digital information that has accumulated here as a result of prepress work. This could be as simple as writing out a document used for printing to an Adobe Acrobat file, or as complex as compiling all materials used for a series of catalogs for use in multi-media presentations, interactive CD-ROM production, or for construction of pages for the World Wide Web.

We first opened our doors in February of 1984; back then, you may recall, virtually all film work was assembled by hand, and computerized drum scanners were just really beginning to claim the market. Also introduced at about the same time was the Macintosh, from Apple Computer. Today, several lifetimes later in this industry, the pairing up of Adobe Postscript and the Apple Mac has matured, and virtually everything done here is done on a Mac. A notable exception is scanning (done on a Linotype-Hell 3010 drum scanner -- generally felt to be the finest drum scanner ever for general production use).

Whatever it takes, we will use the process that will get the job done fastest and most efficiently, to provide the customer with the best value. Because we are professionals looking to do the best job we can, and if a customer leaves our shop unhappy, nobody wins.



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