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Input, Output & Finishing

DC 3000 Series Hell Drum Scanner

36-bit Color Image Scanning, Reduction and Enlargement from 10% to 3000%;
Modular scanning system with three separate workcenters:
1. ChromaMount P321 Mounting Station, Max. Input size =20"x26"
2. ChromaSet P330 Set-Up Station
3. ChromaGraph 3010 Scanner

Microtek ScanMaker 9800XL Scanner
12"x17," 3200x1600 dpi, 48-bit Color

Output Devices
Kodak Approval XP4
4-Color, Dot-based, Contract-Quality Proof Printer; Maximum Image: 4 page Size,
20" x 26"; 2540 dpi, 65-200 lpi Screening

Epson Stylus Pro 9800
44", 8-Color, Contract-Quality, Wide-Format InkJet Printer; resolution to 2880 dpi

Iris 4-Print
4-Color, Proof-Quality InkJet Printer; Maximum Image: 20" x 28"; Composite resolution to 2400 dpi

Roland SolJet ProIII XJ-640
64", 6-Color, Wide-Format Eco-Sol InkJet Printer; Resolution to 1440x1440 dpi

ColorSpan DisplayMaker 6200
60", 8-Color, Wide-Format InkJet Printer; Composite resolution to 1200 dpi

Seal Image 600

Laminator; 60" Full-Featured finishing capability; Top & Bottom Heat for full encapsulation






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