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File/Print Server:
Xinet FullPress/WebNative
Apple Xserve G4/1.33 GHz DP

2GB RAM/60 + 180 Int. HD; Xserve RAID; 2.52 TB On-Line RAID5 Storage for OPI; FullPress File and OPI Server; WebNative for Internet File Sharing and Digital Archiving

Archive Database Server:
Canto Cumulus Network
PowerMacintosh G4/1000

640 MB RAM/80, 120 + 250 GB Int. HD

Internet, FTP & Mail Server:
4D WebStar

PowerMacintosh G4/1000

1.0 GB RAM/20 + 80 GB Int. HD

Retrospect Backup Server:
PowerMacintosh G4 QS/800

1.25 GB RAM/120 + 160 GB Int. HD;
2 TB Removeable Hard Drive Array

Order Entry Database Server:
Filemaker Pro
PowerMacintosh G4 MDD/867 DP

1.25 GB RAM/60 + 60 GB Int. HD

Ethernet LAN

Cisco Catalyst 3548 Switch: 10/100/1000
Asante GX5-2400W Switch 10/100/1000

Intranet to Internet via Broadband Cable

Linotype-Hell Link to PostScript from DC3010 Scanner

Mac Production Software:
Page Layout
Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress

Drawing & Illustration
Adobe Illustrator, Colorize by DS Design

Image Manipulation/Paint
Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter

Every effort will be made to keep existing software as up-to-date as possible. If your requirements include access to a software package not shown, please contact us.






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