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Graphics Four offers a variety of services from scanning to wide format printing. Your digital images can be color corrected, retouched, and provided to you on disk or via Portfolio or FTP, through the Internet. Just let us know what your needs are; chances are, we can provide you with files that will work for you.

Our Epson Stylus Pro 7890 and 9800 digital proofing systems give you the most accurate representations of what your job will look like when it goes to press. We also offer wide format inkjet printing along with laminating services. To learn more about any of our services, just contact us by email or phone.


Image Retouching

Senior Retouch Artist with vast amount of experience that always includes the latest version of Photoshop.


Color Matching

Color proofing to match the demands of high end printing press standards.



Team work with Agencies and In house departments to maximize final results.


Optimized Viewing Area

Neutralized viewing area with professional standardized lighting for absolute accuracy in color adjusting.


Catalogs, Calendars, Billboards

Work with the big names of the advertising and retail community in Kansas City area.


Experienced Professional Staff

Staffing that has been in the print, prepress and now desktop graphic industry for decades.




spinng Graphics Four logo MOVIE: Progress

Pearls Gets Sacrificed is one of many Pearls Before Swine book covers built at GRAPHICS FOUR Creative Direction by Tim Lynch and photography by Thomas Gibson.




spinng Graphics Four logo GALLERY: Samples

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Reworked and Color Corrected samples from GRAPHICS FOUR




spinng Graphics Four logo PORTFOLIO

Create a single source for all of your digital assets so anyone in your organization can find and access what they need, when they need it.

Helps Create Meaningful Organization

  • Easy File Upload and Storage
    Quickly load files into Portfolio by either importing documents or ingesting files already located on the server.
  • Empowered Metadata and Tags
    Allow automatic extraction of metadata and add keywords individually or in batch, which lets you find your assets more easily.
  • Flexible Organization
    Define multiple catalogs, folders, and galleries to fit the way your organization works.

Find Assets Instantly

  • Predictive, Google-like Search
    Find what you need in milliseconds. Enter a few search characters and Portfolio will automatically suggest a list of matching assets and display the results.
  • Asset Previews
    Thumbnails and video snippets are automatically generated upon upload, giving you a visual way to search, preview, and find the assets you're looking for fast.
  • Smart Galleries
    Conditional searches in Portfolio can be saved as a Smart Gallery, so when assets are tagged with specific metadata, they are automatically added to the appropriate gallery.

Share and Use Assets Intelligently

  • User Management
    With Portfolio, users can be granted access with controlled permissions to specific catalogs, giving them the ability to access the files available to them.
  • Drag and Drop Access
    Conveniently drag and drop files between Portfolio and your folders, desktop, and any supported application, such as Adobe InDesign and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Convert On-The-Fly
    Sometimes, a lower resolution or resized version is needed. Without submitting asset requests, conversions and unnecessary back-and-forth, users can convert and download what they need, when they need it.

The catch:

  • You'll need an account username and password before you can use it. Give us a call! (Portflio also currently requires you to have Adobe Flash enabled in your web browser)

Link to G4 Portfolio.




spinng Graphics Four logo ABOUT

We are a color PrePress firm in Lenexa, Kansas (in the suburbs of Kansas City), specializing in high-quality process and spot-color file production for the printing industry. Our customers are primarily advertising agencies and design studios, as well as firms that have their own in-house advertising department. While our primary end product began as stripped litho film, the digital age advances, and today we have morphed into a totally computer-based group. In addition, we are routinely being called on to assist the customer in "repurposing" the digital information that has accumulated here as a result of prepress work. This could be as simple as writing out a document used for printing to an Adobe Acrobat file, or as complex as compiling all materials used for a series of catalogs for use in multi-media or Internet presentations.

We first opened our doors in February of 1984; back then, you may recall, virtually all film work was assembled by hand, and computerized drum scanners were just really beginning to claim the market. Also introduced at about the same time was the Macintosh, from Apple Computer. Today, several lifetimes later in this industry, the pairing up of Adobe Postscript and the Apple Mac has matured, and virtually everything done here is done on a Mac.

Whatever it takes, we will use the process that will get the best job done, fastest and most efficiently, to provide the customer with the best value. Because we are professionals looking to do the best job we can, and if a customer leaves our shop unhappy, nobody wins.